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Magento is an open-source store builder platform, written in the php programming language, which helps developers implement a very complete and flexible store site design. Currently, more than 250,000 web stores are using Magento as their main builder.


Why choose Magento to design your online store site?

Magento is very powerful and its high ability as well as its flexibility in building stores and other capabilities that can modify the features of a product, catalog and product management, search engine optimizations are some of the best features that make Magento very special.


The main purpose of building Magento was to build an online store

As we said before, unlike WordPress, Magento was made from the beginning to build and design an online store. However, WordPress is a content management system that uses the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store site. In addition, occasionally, site owners may use the Magento nulled plugin, which causes their website to be compromised.


The are numerous Magento templates available online

Magento system has many templates and plugins that will make it easy to use and also cover all your needs on your website. Furthermore, there are many sites that offer free Magento template and paid Magento template for you. The bottom line is that there are so many magento nulled themes as well across the web that you should not use them.


high speed performance of Magento

When we compare Magento with other site builders (in terms of loading and unloading pages, running queries, etc.), Magento wins this competition by a large margin.

Customers are looking for high speed loading of their web pages, even if they notice a delay of a few milliseconds on their website, they will surely will feel some sort of dissatisfaction. Some users who use the nulled Magento plugin also face problems such as low security or slowing down of their site.


Adhering to SEO principles in Magento

Magento is one of the content management systems that is very suitable for SEO in terms of structure and its proper implementation in SEO which provides us with features such as XML map, Google Analytics and so on. Of course, as you know, in addition to the structure of Magento content management system, Magento free templates as well as its paid templates must have optimal coding to be suitable for your website SEO. As mentioned above, any magento theme nulled may also contain poor coding, which will affect your site’s SEO.


It can be used for any type of online store

Although there are different platforms for designing an online store site, each of them has its drawbacks. However, Magento is one of the best store builders that you can use for any type of online store. Using free Magento plugins or paid plugins for this content management system will also help you a lot in bringing more features to your website.


Nonetheless, if you care about the security and performance of your site, we recommend that you never use the nulled Magento plugin.

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