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OpenCart is one of the best online store building systems (E-commerce CMS) that is available as open source and free. By using Open Cart, you can create your own store and add products to sell them through online payment gateways. Also, you can review products and carefully study the sales and behavior of users.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Open Cart?

Simple and free to use

Being free is the most important advantage. You can easily download and use it without having to pay. The fact that it is free has made OpenCart available for several languages ​​in several countries, and various sites have been dedicated to training and providing support services in this system.


Access to a variety of themes

There are many free and paid opencart themes. Free themes have a weaker appearance and fewer features than paid templates, however they will meet most of your store needs in most cases. Some of the templates available on the Internet are also opencart nulled theme , the use of which may cause problems for your site.


Multiple OpenCart extensions for store development

The plugin or module acts like an add-on on any system. By installing and placing the modules next to the core of the system, it will be possible to add more features to this system. Open Cart also has thousands of modules to add various features that were not available before in the original version. However, not all features are required for all sites. We also recommend that you do not use the opencart nulled extensions as they may have coding problems.


Has excellent SEO and suitable for online stores

One of the most important things in SEO is higher loading speed. The faster your site loads, the more search engines will desire to access you site giving your site more credibility.

Open cart is programmed to be able to efficiently use server resources to process requests in a short time and send the appropriate response. The nulled opencart themes may not be optimized by default and may require SEO, although we do not recommend using it at all.


bloated OpenCart extensions and themes problems

The main problem with ready-made site and store-building systems is that because you use multiple templates and opencart modules to use each site, having high speed on the site requires technical knowledge. For this reason, you should use a dedicated template, or if you use a ready-made template, do a lot of personalization on it to match the structure of your site.

For this reason, because people do not have the expertise and technical knowledge to use the templates and plugins optimally and correctly, they use each extensions and template in a way that is displayed under any appearance conditions already available. This ultimately causes the site to be inefficient and the page data volume to increase, which results in a reduction in site speed and, most importantly, in-store SEO.

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